Customer Incentives

Want to offer your own Cash Back Mall as a customer incentives from your domain and earn money as your customers earn cash back ? CashBack Heaven is a turnkey merchant funded CashBack Customer Loyalty Rewards mall program that rivals the best of those offered by the largest national banks and airlines. CashBack Heaven is built on VIR's new Version 3 technology, which gives it complete integration capabilities with other web based platforms. Additionally, it is easily customizable for the fraction of the costs of a custom mall platform CashBackHeaven - Home CashBack Heaven offers your company a way to get in the game with minimal costs, while achieving all of the benefits afforded by a robust merchant funded Customer Loyalty Rewards solution. Turnaround time can be as little as a few days and initial costs can be under $1,000, depending on options desired. CashBack Heaven is an amazingly effective way to stand out from the competition by providing additional value for your current and prospective customers, resulting in enhanced customer loyalty and affinity with your brand. Your customers and prospective customers will love the conveniences, exclusive savings, and CashBack Reward dollars they receive when they make purchases through your CashBack Heaven Rewards portal. Like all VIR CashBack malls, CashBack Heaven offers your customers over 2,000 daily discounts and special offers at over CashBack Heaven And while they are shopping and saving money with the stores with whom they already currently shop, these merchants will be funding your company's CashBack Loyalty Rewards program at no additional costs to you. CashBack Heaven's Reward dollars can be converted into your company's own currency  that must then be spent by your customers back with you. This currency might be points in an existing customer loyalty rewards program you current offer customers or money placed on account to be used to pay for their products or services purchased from your company. In the case of a services company which bills monthly for its services, it can also be used towards the customer's monthly bill to reduce its cost to them. It can also be paid directly to your customers CashBack by checks issued to them in their name. This removes the requirement that your company currently have another form of loyalty program to link with CashBack Heaven. The reward can even be placed on a company Gift Card, which in turn means it can only be spent back with your company.

Extra Savings offers:

  • Printable, manufacturer's coupons; from the top four Internet clipping sites
  • Free Prescription Cards offering 10% to 85% off prescriptions at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide;
  • Discount health and lifestyle benefits including:
  • Aetna’s Dental Access Plan with 15%-50% discounts at over 125,000 participating dentists
  • LifeLock Identity Theft
  • Coast to Coast Vision Care Network
  • And many, many more!
And most important of all, every time your customers use your custom-branded CashBack Heaven mall, your company's branding is prominently displayed, reminding them that your company values them as its customers. Contact Now